Masaka Baptist College

Masaka Baptist College was started in 1999 with two students and with the  purpose
and desire to train full-time Christian servants in the fields of pastoring, church planting (evangelists), and teaching.  Through the years Masaka Baptist College has kept her doors open for the purpose of training men and women of God.  Many of her graduates are serving the Lord either in their local churches or have started their own churches.
Masaka Baptist College is a four-year course which meets for evening classes every Monday and Tuesday from 5:30 PM up to 8:15 PM.  There are three 12-week terms in the year which correspond with the Ugandan School Year calendar.

Masaka Baptist College teaches a wide range of practical subjects including Christian Home, Christian Leadership, Christian Finances, Philosophy of Christian Education, and Baptist Distinctives. By the end of the course, students have completed a verse by verse study of the entire New Testament.  These students graduate with a very good working knowledge of the Bible and an ability to preach and teach the truth taught to them (II Timothy 2:2).

Currently Masaka Baptist College has thirteen students enrolled.  The Bible makes plain the truth that the laborers are few. Please pray that God will send students with a teachable spirit that may be trained to go out and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Planting

Starting churches out of other churches is the natural, biblical way to continue the propagation of Christianity and the church.  Since 1997 we have had the opportunity of seeing eleven existing churches established.  Please pray for these churches and their individual specific needs.

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Tri-Annual Bible Institute

The Tri-annual Bible Institute (TBI) is a Bible Institute designed for pastors and church leaders who are not able to come to regular classes at Masaka Baptist College. TBI is held three times a year during the school break and is designed to teach the men eight hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Because of where these men are in the village, this type of setup is very conducive to their schedule. We feed them, house them, and provide them with the books they need for the course. They are responsible to provide their transport to and from the Institute. In our first TBI in August of 2012 we had eighteen men from ten different churches that have either been out of Masaka Independent Baptist Church or who have come to us for assistance in helping them get churches started.  Since that first TBI we have grown to having 65 men from 11 different churches in addition to starting another TBI in northeastern Uganda with another 50 men.


If you would like to give towards this ministry in the training of men of God for the ministry, please send your gifts to BIMI account #793
 and earmark it: TBI. These gifts will go towards providing for these men when they come.  Please pray for our next TBI that will be August, 2015.

TBI Masaka

Village Mentorship & Assistance Ministry

Sally Teaching2

This ministry involves myself and my team spending up to three days a week in one of the above churches helping the church leadership with evangelism, discipleship, open air meetings, medical clinics, counseling, church planting, etc.  This ministry is going to expand our church planting goals and will truly make an impact on Uganda for Christ.  Please pray about the needs that we have in starting this new ministry.  Using the ministry truck is a tremendous God-given asset to this ministry.  It enables us to be able to carry tents, chairs, medical supplies, sound equipment, food, literature, and will be the living quarters for our team while we are in the village.  God has also provided the chairs and sound equipment.  God has also given me Brother Ddungu Charles, Brother Nsimbi Richard, and Brother Bwambale Robert to partner with me in this ministry.  My sister, Alisha, and Sharon Arinaitwe have joined our team to help churches with child training ministries.  Sally, along with Miss Aikoro Monica, is working with training the pastors wives.  VMAM will consume a lot of time and energy, but I believe it will bring fruit and glory to God!!