Masaka Baptist College

Masaka Baptist College was started in 1999 with two students and with the  purpose
and desire to train full-time Christian servants in the fields of pastoring, church planting (evangelists), and teaching.  Through the years Masaka Baptist College has kept her doors open for the purpose of training men and women of God.  Many of her graduates are serving the Lord either in their local churches or have started their own churches.
Masaka Baptist College is a four-year course which meets for evening classes every Monday and Tuesday from 5:30 PM up to 8:15 PM.  There are three 12-week terms in the year which correspond with the Ugandan School Year calendar.

Masaka Baptist College teaches a wide range of practical subjects including Christian Home, Christian Leadership, Christian Finances, Philosophy of Christian Education, and Baptist Distinctives. By the end of the course, students have completed a verse by verse study of the entire New Testament.  These students graduate with a very good working knowledge of the Bible and an ability to preach and teach the truth taught to them (II Timothy 2:2).

Currently Masaka Baptist College has thirteen students enrolled.  The Bible makes plain the truth that the laborers are few. Please pray that God will send students with a teachable spirit that may be trained to go out and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Radio Ministry

In 2001, God gave the Keith Stensaas  family the opportunity of establishing a Christian radio station in Uganda.  They dedicated it - Word of Life Radio, as its purpose is to proclaim the Word of Life to a lost and dying world.  Only heaven will be able to tell us the true effect that Word of Life Radio has had, but the visible results are amazing.  In sixteen years, we have had four churches started as a result of the radio station and several people added to our church. We have also received numerous phone calls, letters, and personal testimonies of lives that were changed as a result of listening to Word of Life Radio. Within the hearing radius, there is not a village that we go to that has not heard this Christian radio station.  Remember, radio is still the top media outlet in Uganda!

If you had the opportunity of reaching 1,000,000 people with the gospel, would you do it?

Every day with Christian radio we are able to reach three districts in Uganda: Masaka, Rakai, and Ssembabule, plus several islands in Lake Victoria.  In these districts there are approximately one million people living and working.  Unlike developed countries that have many types of entertainment, radio is still the main source of media in Uganda.  It is listened to in the homes, the work places, the fields, and the villages.  Nearly every one has a radio or has access to one.

Although the radio is not nearly as expensive to operate as in developed countries, it does cost about $1,000 dollars a month to fully operate the station.  Since the beginning, we have operated the station from our personal support.  However, with rising costs, lower exchange rates at the forex, and the need to assist men as they go out to start churches - the full amount of money is no longer available.  We have had to cut back on many things necessary to a radio station, including staff.  As of April 2017, we have $6000 coming in on a monthly basis for Word of Life Radio.  We are asking the Lord to give us an additional $400 support for the radio station.  This will get us by with the necessities.  

I think all of us would agree that $1,000 a month is a small price to pay to reach a possible one million people every day with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What an opportunity God has put before us!  Would you help us?  If ten individuals and churches could support the radio for $100 per month or twenty for $50 per month, this need would be met, and Word of Life Radio would continue to have an impact on the lives of the Ugandan people.

I truly know what Paul had in his heart when he told the Philippians, “Not because I de
sire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to you account.”  A radio station takes a lot of time and work, and there is no money-making in a faith-based radio station.  However, it is worth it to see one more soul come to know Christ through this ministry.  Would you pray about helping us financially?  Would you add Word of Life Radio to your prayer list and pray for us every day?  I know that you will see fruit on your account in heaven.


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Church Planting

Starting churches out of other churches is the natural, biblical way to continue the propagation of Christianity and the church.  Since 1997 we have had the opportunity of seeing eleven existing churches established.  Please pray for these churches and their individual specific needs.



Pastor Ddungu Charles

This church was the original church we started in the town of Masaka in 1997.  Trained men from this church have begun the other churches we have seen established. MIBC is continuing to grow under the leadership of Pastor Charles.  This church is the church from which we base our radio station, Bible College & Institute, and the new Village Mentorship & Assistance Ministry.



Pastor Nkuriziza Innocent

This church was started by Pastor Innocent in September of 2017.  Starting in a school building classroom and eventually moving to a rented facility this church runs about 15 people.  Faith Baptist Church is our newest church that we are currently working with.  Pastor Innocent and his wife Eve have a real burden for the people in the Nabyewanga area.  Please pray for them and for us as work with them to build this church for the glory of God.

Word of Life Baptist Church


Brother Robert Byekwaso

Lukaya is a trucker town that has all the wickedness that goes with this sort of town.  Prostitution and drugs are rampant.  It has been called the "graveyard of churches" because many are started but few ever last.  It is into this town that the Lord led Brother James Sebyoto, a graduate of Masaka Baptist College, to start a church.  In 2012, after discipleship and training, Brother Sebyoto has turned the leadership of this church over to Brother Robert Byekwaso.  April 22, 2018, this church officially organized with their own church constitution and membership.



Brother Jacob Kafero

Equator Independent Baptist Church was started under the authority of Masaka Independent Baptist Church by Brother Jacob Kafero after hearing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ on Word of Life Radio.  Brother Jacob and his wife Maria are doing a tremendous job reaching their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Jacob is currently studying in Masaka Baptist College.  The church is averaging 54 adults.  The church location is literally 50 feet north of the equator line.  They are currently working of officially organizing.



Pastor Ssebanja Henry / Brother Laban Ssempijja

This church was started by Pastor Ssebanja Henry out of the Mbirizi Baptist Church.  Two men by the names of Laban and Kizza were listening to Word of Life Radio and came to Pastor Henry asking that a church be established in their area.  The church is currently running about 25 people.  Land has been donated to them.  Pray for them as they are in need of a permanent structure.



Evangelist James Sebyoto

This church is our newest church plant.  It is a border town located in the Tanzania/Uganda border.  Currently they are running about 28 people and and renting a storage facility until the Lord opens the door for them to get their own property.  This is a tremendous open door and that we not only can reach the Ugandans but also reach into Tanzania as well.  This is the third church that Brother Sebyoto has established out of Masaka Independent Baptist Church.



Evangelist Pastor Kasajja Fredrick

This ministry is one of our most wonderful doors of opportunity.  Through a serious of amazing events, God put me in contact with Pastor Fredrick.  He is responsible for seeing over 50 independent Baptist churches established in the Kaliro area.  We are teaming up with him to help him in the training of pastors and church leadership.  In January of 2018 we started our Trip-annual Bible Institute North to assist them in this training.



Pastor Ssebanja Henry

The town of Mbirizi (which by the way means "ribs") is a predominantly Muslim town that God has allowed Pastor Henry to enter with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  God has blessed them with their own property and have since built this beautiful building.  Pray that this church will stay strong in the face of strong opposition to the gospel and that God will give Pastor Henry the wisdom and discernment that he needs to lead his people.


Brother Byekwaso Robert

This is a church that was started out of Word of Life Baptist Church in Lukaya.  The church is unusual in that is is actually a "grandchild" of Masaka Independent Baptist Church.  We believe very strongly in churches starting churches.  Recently this church was given a good size piece of land.  We are praying for God's provision in putting up walls for the structure they are meeting in.



Pastor Sserunjogi Paul / Ddingiro Matia

This is a church on Bunyama Island in the village of Kivunza in Lake Victoria that was brought about by Word of Life Radio.  They had been meeting for quite some time but had never had any discipleship or training.  When they heard the broadcasting of Word of Life Radio, they began to realize that we believed the same way they believed.  They came to us literally begging us to help them.  Since that time a lame man by the name of Pastor Paul Sserungoji, who is a graduate of Masaka Baptist College (pictured in the front of the picture to the right), has been going out to this village twice in a month with much needed discipleship and training.



Brother Julias Byaruhanga

This church was actually started out of our prison ministry at Masaka Independent Baptist Church.  Brother Julias was saved while in prison and when no one brought evidence to accuse him of the alleged crime, he was released.  He felt burdened to see a church established in his village and so went back and started one in the primary school that he owns.  Brother Julias is excited about serving the Lord and is currently enrolled in our Tri-annual Bible Institute.



Pastor Ssebanja Henry / Brother Mishack Byamukama

This church was started by Pastor Ssebanja Henry out of the Mbirizi Baptist Church.  Byamukama Mishack was discipled and mentored and sent out of MBC to establish this church.  They are currently running about 15 adults.  Land has been donated to them and they are praying for a permanent structure to meet in.



Pastor Sserunjogi Paul / Brother Gavamukulya Madi

This church was discovered when Brother Madi and one of his men heard about us on Word of Life Radio.  They knew that they had been teaching false doctrine and wanted the truth.  After coming to see us, Pastor Paul went and after much teaching and discipleship helped them to become an independent Baptist Church.  The leadership there is now being trained and is attending our Tri-annual Bible Institute.

Tri-Annual Bible Institute

Our newest ministry here in Masaka is Tri-annual Bible Institute (TBI). This is a Bible Institute designed for pastors and church leaders who are not able to come to regular classes at Masaka Baptist College. TBI is held three times a year during the school break and is designed to teach the men eight hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Because of where these men are in the village, this type of setup is very conducive to their schedule. We feed them, house them, and provide them with the books they need for the course. They are responsible to provide their transport to and from the Institute. In our first TBI in August of 2012 we had eighteen men from ten different churches that have either been out of Masaka Independent Baptist Church or who have come to us for assistance in helping them get churches started.  $11 will feed, house, provide a textbook, and train one of these men for this week long institute.  Since that first TBI we have grown to having 50 men from 11 different churches.


If you would like to give towards this ministry in the training of men of God for the ministry, please send your gifts to BIMI account #793
 and earmark it: TBI. These gifts will go towards providing for these men when they come.  Please pray for our next TBI that will be August, 2015.

Village Mentorship & Assistance Ministry

This ministry involves myself and my team spending up to three days a week in one of the above churches helping the church leadership with evangelism, discipleship, open air meetings, medical clinics, counseling, church planting, etc.  I am so excited about this new ministry!  I believe this is going to expand our church planting goals and we can truly make an impact on Uganda for Christ.  Please pray about the needs that we have in starting this new ministry.  The truck pictured to the right is a tremendous God-given asset to this ministry.  It enables us to be able to carry tents, chairs, medical supplies, sound equipment, food, literature, and will be the living quarters for our team while we are in the village.  God has also provided the chairs and sound equipment.  God has also given me Brother Kizza Jovin (pictured with the truck) to partner with me in this ministry.  VMAM will consume a lot of time and energy, but I believe it will bring fruit and glory to God!!