Prayer Requests

Ministry Goals:

  • That God would continue to speak to hearts about partnering with us in the ministry.  Pray for Thomas & Daniel who are praying about coming over to work with us.
  • Please keep in prayer the Village Mentorship and Assistance Ministry as well as the evangelistic crusades to further this ministry.
  • One by one, getting all of our village churches with official memberships with a recognized church constitution. 

Upcoming Special Events:

  • Keith Stensaas Family Furlough - in September and October will are scheduled to be in Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the great State of Texas.
  • October Missions Conference at our home church - Capitol City Baptist Church
  • Shane will be marrying Rachel King on September 26th

Special Requests:

  • Pray for wisdom for pastors and church leaders both in the USA and in Uganda.  This COVID-19 situation is giving Satan an opportunity to close our churches and try to bring the ministry of reaching the lost to a standstill.  Pray that we will take a stand and that the church will rise triumphant!!
  • Additional Monthly Ministry Support
  • Shane as he works on staff as an assistant to Pastor Andrew Stensaas at First Baptist Church of Eaton, OH.
  • Stanley, Shae-Lynn, & Shiloh in Bible College
  • Wisdom & Health for Pastor Ddungu Charles & ministry leaders in Uganda
  • Shiloh's Health - diabetes
  • National Leadership coming out of Masaka Baptist College
  • Homeschooling of our children
  • Motorcycle for VMAM Ministry

Ministry Support

We are very grateful for the prayer and financial support of God's people that help us minister to the Ugandan people.  If you would like to support our ministries here in Uganda with monthly financial support or a one-time gift, you may send your donation to one of three places:

bigstock-Paypal-56475974Keith Stensaas (793)
c/o Baptist Int. Mission Inc.
P.O. Box 9
Harrison, TN  37341

Keith Stensaas
c/o Capitol City Baptist Church
Attn.  Janet Burdett
1300 Redd Street
Austin, TX  78745

Donate Online

Click the button below to donate online:

**Please designate your gift as "monthly support" or, if it is a one time gift, earmark it to the ministry you would like it to go to.  (i.e.  Word of Life Radio, Village Mentorship & Assistance Ministry, Bibles, Christmas, etc.)